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We are living in a competitive global village, and so our challenges are global in nature. Education must equip an individual to face such challenges, successfully, undeterred by adversities. Literacy should never be equated with education. Education involves much more than mere scholastic achievements. Right education aims at producing physically strong, morally upright, and mentally healthy, young men and women who are self confident and self dependent. In short, education must be for the body, mind and soul. That is why co-scholastic activities such as sports and games, cultural activities, club programmes, yoga and the like have become an integral and inseparable part of modern curriculum. This is what we call holistic education. Education is a never ending process. It is from womb to the tomb. Every day is a new day with new experiences and each experience teaches us something new.

Education is said to be a panacea for all the problems in the society. An educated person must transform the society in which he lives and translate his thoughts and aspirations to reality. This is what we aim at, in this school, by producing young men and women, who know themselves before they learn to know of the world at large.

In a nut shell, we aim to mould their future, by bringing out the best in them.

Dr. SILAS K.ABRAHAM , M.A. B.Ed,SET,PhD (Eng Litt)